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Protecting the Welland Hospital

Since the start of his tenure as Mayor of Welland, Frank Campion has made the Welland hospital a top priority. The looming threat of closure first drove Frank to run for mayor back in 2014, and it has remained top of mind throughout his tenure.

Frank spent his first term in office negotiating with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Niagara Health to keep the Welland hospital open. The closure of the hospital was a forgone conclusion to many people, but through persistent effort over multiple years, Frank persuaded the Ministry of Health to keep Welland’s hospital open.

Frank is prepared to step up again on this issue due to the planned South Niagara (Niagara Falls) hospital. Welland residents need an experienced leader who has successfully negotiated this issue before to keep the Welland hospital and health services fully open.

Additionally, EMS and paramedics are facing their own challenges that need our mayor’s support. Offloading patients from ambulances to hospital care is increasingly delayed. With record-setting 911-call volume this year, the problem is only getting worse and increasing the occurrence of “code zero” ambulance shortages. These offloading challenges cost Niagara cities millions of dollars, cause hard-working EMS additional stress, and risk patient outcomes.

For his third term, Campion plans to focus on:

  1. Ensure that the South Niagara (Niagara Falls) hospital does not reduce the services offered in Welland
  2. Work with Niagara Health and EMS for solutions to offloading issues
  3. Work with other levels of government to attract doctors and health care professionals to Welland

Read more of Frank’s platform here: