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Frank’s story

As a small business owner for over 35 years, an adjunct Professor of Business at Niagara College and a four-term City Councillor, Frank stepped up in 2014 to become Mayor of Welland.

Frank has shown over the past two terms as mayor that he is willing to work hard to make meaningful improvements to the City of Welland. His entrepreneurial spirit, empathy for residents and strategic, focused approach to issues have served the community well over the past 8 years. Frank has a proven record of achievement and, quite simply, gets the job done. His focus is always on serving the community in an open and friendly manner, putting people first. For him, being Mayor of Welland is a privilege and a responsibility that he takes very seriously.

“I love Welland and am passionate about ensuring our wonderful community continues to thrive and succeed…a place where people can experience the great amenities of a large city and the atmosphere of a small town.”

Frank works well with all political parties at all levels and is extremely effective in getting what the people of Welland need. The clearest example of his effectiveness was during his fight to save the Welland Hospital from closure. At one point, the Hospital was set to close and that was a done deal. However, Frank’s persistent approach over several years with the NHS, LHIN, and Ministry Of Health was rewarded with the decision by the Ministry to keep the hospital open. In his next term, Frank will continue with this file, as more needs to be done to ensure we have the beds and services we need.

Another example of Mayor Campion’s impact is the miraculous work he and Welland’s development team did to get General Electric (now Innio) to relocate their Waukesha plant in Welland.

The lifelong resident of Welland is happily married to his wife of 42 years Elizabeth (Mastroianni*). Together, they raised daughters Melissa and Lisa and son John.

“I have succeeded in and will continue to work on providing more amenities, sports and recreational opportunities and cultural events for people to enjoy here in Welland. My success in attracting industrial and commercial development and their resultant job opportunities will continue under my leadership.”

Frank’s accomplishments in industrial development are impressive. With 1.2 million new square feet of Commercial construction with a total value of approximately $500 million, the creation of 640 jobs and the retention of an additional 228 jobs Welland leads the way in Niagara.

Affordable housing is a must for Welland and Frank is making this a priority. He has established an Affordable Housing Advisory Committee that will assist in getting people and families into housing they can afford. Those with low incomes and seniors on fixed incomes are particularly hard hit.  Some solutions are already being formulated and will be implemented soon.

As mayor Frank brings experience, leadership, integrity, vision, and passion to the table.

Welland needs a mayor who cares and is proud of our city.  Frank Campion has been that mayor and will continue to be that mayor.  On Monday October 24, 2022 re-elect Frank Campion as Mayor of Welland.

*No relation to Councillor John Mastroianni